A septic failure is expensive, often leading to repairs or full system replacement. Understanding the signs of septic failure can help avert a costly bill. There are many common signs that indicate your septic may be failing. If you suspect any of these issues, its best to contact us, as soon as possible, for further evaluation and diagnosis.

1) Strange Smells

A septic system is a delicate balance of water and bacteria. When something goes wrong with this environment, bad odors can occur. If you have noticed a strange smell coming from the drain, you may have a clogged or broken pipe. In general, any type of unpleasant odor coming from the drain is a problem and should be addressed immediately.

2) Slow Draining

When your septic system starts to fail, the first toilet will begin to drain slowly as bad bacteria builds up in the tank. A full tank will cause all drains in the house to drain slowly as well as water will not move through them as it should. This will likely be the first sign that you will notice as it can quickly become a problem if left to sit for too long.

3) Floatation Device Not Rising

If you have a septic tank and a floatation device, you may notice that your device isn’t rising. If this is the case, it means that the water level in the tank has dropped significantly, causing all of your solids to end up on top of the floatation device. This can be due to a number of things including drain backups or even tree roots growing into your pipes. You will need to call us to investigate this issue before it becomes hazardous.

4) Puddles Around Your Property

If you notice puddles of water around your property, you may have an issue with your leach field. The puddles indicate that there is too much water in the ground and it is seeping out where it shouldn’t be. This can lead to groundwater contamination.

For more information about septic system repairs, please contact us today. One of our professional technicians will come out to your home to provide an assessment of the situation and get you back on track!

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